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GigaGreen Daily Green Tablets (Green Mango, 20 Tabs)

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Product Type: Personal Care

Anisue presents – Gigagreen Immuno Boost Tablets. Your simple solution for digestive health and increased immunity. Easily soluble, effervescent immunity-boosting tablets, in your favorite flavors of Lemon-Lime, Cumin Zinger, and Green Mango packed with the same green ingredients that continuously supply energy from plants to humans.


Immunity Booster

Gigagreen acts as an immunity booster supplement that helps in maintaining the PH Levels of the body, improves metabolismdigestive healthimproves skin quality, and maintains bone healthGigagreen immunity-boosting tablets are created with a unique anti-inflammatory formula that keeps you hydrated, detoxifies the body, and decreases acidity. These effervescent tablets also assist in relieving stress, boosting brain health, and managing weight. All of these benefits are in delicious flavors. Don’t you think now that health can be tasty too?


Effervescent tablets

Gigagreen effervescent digestive tablets are designed in such a way that you won’t miss out on your daily dose, even if you have a hectic schedule and are on the go all day. All you got to do is Drop, Fizz and Drink.


How to consume

In 250ml of water, drop one tablet and watch it dissolve completely within seconds. Once dissolved, your Gigagreen Green Mango Immunity Booster Tablet is ready for consumption. Consuming one tablet on a daily basis will be the most beneficial for health. To be used with a consultation from a doctor/nutritionist.