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10 Ways to Improve The Post-COVID Pandemic Mind and Body

10 Ways to Bounce Back from Covid-19


The road to recovery is quite a long one for those who have contracted Covid-19. The post-infection period can be challenging since you have to deal with breathlessness, fatigue, and the physical effect of the disease and tackle the psychological impact. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a study in The Lancet Neurology in July 2020 states that the patients with mild covid symptoms are also affected by the cognitive aftermath changes.


Your body health is impacted by both depression and fear. The notable changes that were seen post covid are headaches, dizziness, memory recall, diminished cognitive abilities, lack of concentration and recognition, and brain fog or the ability to think clearly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), all these post covid symptoms may go away within weeks or months, depending on the recovery practices. However, the span differs from individual to individual and might last for a small or a longer time. The behaviour can be challenging and can impact your relationships, daily activities, and get back to your professional life. When you experience and go through such physical impairments, it indirectly leads to stress, negatively affecting your mind.


Body movements are a great way to heal the body and effectively restore the mind and calm emotions. There are five layers of human movements: deep breath, activating the vestibular system, engaging in cross-body patterns, strength building, and increasing tolerance to physical activities to optimize and repair a person’s mind and body. Activate the healing and recovery process by engaging in activities that the human body uses, like movements and exercises.


The WHO advises people to recognize the difficulties like memory, attention and clear thinking caused by covid and adopt the body movement strategy along with the ones mentioned below to manage these challenges. 


1. Adjust your expectations

Do not push yourself up for not being able to do things that were easily achievable before. It is pretty evident for the concentration and memory to slow down. Take the desired time you want. Give your mind and body a chance to recover.


2. Prompt alert

Brain fog can lead to missing activities. At such times, you can use notes, lists and alarms to remind you to get back to these activities. This habit can help you follow a routine and get used to it, feel in control, and get back to life!


3. Brain activation

Engage in hobbies or exercises like word games, puzzles, memory exercises, reading and number games to stimulate the brain. Begin with activities that are achievable and gradually increase the challenges.


4. Physical exercise

Intense exercising is not possible when you face breathlessness, fatigue and weakness. However, you can start with regular movements and gradually introduce them back at a slow pace in your daily life. This makes you both cognitively and physically stronger.


5. Follow the step by step rule

Recalling or focusing on complicated tasks can be challenging. At such times, breaking down the action into steps and attempting them one at a time can be more accessible and more uncomplicated. The prompts mentioned above can be used here too.


6. Take help

Taking help from people who know you is no harm. This, instead, fastens the recovery process by making the process easier and the cognitive difficulty less frustrating. Let your friends and family help you by joining you in creating concentration and memory games. You can deal with stress and overcome your issues too.


7. Do not rush

Slow down. Excitement and nervousness to get back to normal are understandable, but you should not run your mind and body, especially after the covid-19 infection. Make a gradual inclusion of your activities and, at overwhelming times, take some time off or talk to someone.


8. Have a nutritious, balanced diet

A fundamental and essential practice is to include a supplement and nutrient-rich meal in your diet to speed the recovery process. Coronavirus weakens the body and opens the body to stress, and the medicine can drain your body. Hence, try to maintain a well-organized eating regime with eggs, vegetables, organic products etc. Try not to overeat or eat something undesirable. 


9. Hydrate yourself

Keeping your body hydrated is key when you are recovering. Combat exhaustion and fatigue by simply increasing your fluid intake and having hydrating liquids. Including calming teas, ORS supplements and concoctions can be helpful. 


10. Stay positive

A positive mindset is crucial to overcoming any disease. The willpower to fight challenges without causing stress is the ultimate way of living. Good sleep, food, and a positive mindset are simple yet effective ways to live a happy life. 


The aftermath faced due to coronavirus can be reduced and bought to normal if we keep our minds and bodies activated. However, if the cognitive difficulties seem overwhelming, connect to a doctor for help. To keep our body fit and healthy, an easy yet effective option is to consume Anisue’s effervescent tablets. The range extends from Apple Cider Vinegar to Gigagreen with various flavours! They are delicious and packed with rich health benefits that maintain a reasonable metabolism rate, promote immunity, boost energy, and keep your gut healthy! Anisue’s effervescent range tablet is the right practice to keep diseases at bay!

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