Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines Anisue India's use and protection of information provided by users on their website (

Anisue is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. If we request identifiable information when you use this website, be assured it will be handled according to this privacy statement. 

Anisue may update this policy periodically by revising this page. Ensure that you periodically review it to confirm your satisfaction with any alterations. 

User Consent:


All Anisue users consent to use sensitive personal data and additional personal information for the purposes outlined in this policy. Access to personal data is limited to employees, contractors, and agents with a genuine need to process it on our behalf. Anisue may also employ software apps for website traffic analysis, statistics collection, advertising, and gauging Anisue's popularity. 

At present, Anisue engages in display advertising and remarketing via Google Analytics, Adwords, Adroll, Facebook, and affiliate networks. Third-party vendors, including Google, Facebook, Adroll, and our affiliate network, display our ads across the web. They utilize both first-party and third-party cookies to tailor and optimize ad displays based on website visitors' visits. Visitors can opt out of Google Analytics for display advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the ad preference manager or ad blockers.

Cookie Usage Consent:

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file that uniquely identifies your browser. You acknowledge that when visiting the website, cookies may be stored on your computer. Anisue's servers assign these cookies to enhance your website experience, facilitate authentication and data analysis, and ensure security. Advertisers may also assign cookies when you click on their ads; these are controlled by the advertisers, not Anisue.

Email Communication Consent:

By registering your email address with Anisue, you consent to receive email communication from Anisue, authorized entities, and other users. You agree that when using our referral program to refer someone, Anisue will send emails to the referred person on your behalf, and these emails will display your email address as the sender.

Choice Regarding Marketing and Tracking Tools:

You have the option to opt out of marketing messages. To stop receiving marketing emails, follow the instructions in the messages you receive or email us. You can also reject certain permission requests from our apps and platforms, although some features may not work if you do so. Deleting cookies or switching browsers requires you to renew your opt-out preferences. Different computers or phones will also necessitate reconfiguring your opt-out preferences. In some instances, disabling tracking may impede the proper functioning of our features or apps. 

Control over cookies and tracking tools:

You can control cookies and tracking tools, allowing you to determine whether to share personal information. Choosing not to share may limit the usability of certain website sections and services. Disabling cookies or tracking tools may also affect the proper functioning of our site and services.

Employment of Standard Security Measures:

We apply standard security measures to our sites and apps, although the internet is a public space, making complete security unattainable. Exercise caution when sharing information, avoid sharing your password, and choose secure passwords.

Not intended for children:

Our website is not intended for children; we do not knowingly collect information from children under 13. If you believe we have information about your child, please contact us by email if you are a parent or guardian.

Contact us for questions:

For any additional inquiries, email us at . Please include your name, address, and telephone number in your correspondence for accurate processing of your request.