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5 Everyday Tips to a Healthy Heart

Heart is the powerhouse to your body. If your heart is healthy, your life is healthy; your life is qualitative. Hence, it is important to take good care of your heart on a daily basis. Just once in a week or twice in a month practicing heart health is not the way! A healthy heart is a result of daily care. We have jotted down 5 daily practices to keep your heart healthy. 


  1. Eating Right Things: Somebody has truly said, “We are what we eat”. Your heart needs daily dose of nutrients to function at its best. Vitamins and minerals are the foundation of a healthy heart. Leafy vegetables, legumes, pulses, low-fat dairy products, nuts, seeds, beetroots, olive oil and fish are some of the foods that you should include in your daily diet for a healthy heart. Avoid white foods like salt, sugar, flour, white bread and so on. Say a straight ‘No’ to processed foods. 

  2. Get Adequate & Sound Sleep: Why do we always emphasize on sleeping well? Because not getting enough sleep or rest puts your heart at risk. You are opening doors to dreadful cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease, regardless of age. Abnormal sleeping patterns can affect your blood pressure, which impacts your heart. However, this doesn’t mean you keep on sleeping all day. Even excess of sleep can have a bad impact on your heart. Every night 7-9 hours of sound sleep is ideal for a healthy heart.

  3. Exercise Daily: This is one aspect of heart health where most of us don’t take it seriously. We always procrastinate exercise. But, do you know even 30 minutes of walk daily can benefit your heart? Take up yoga, aerobics, Zumba or strength training that has the ability to strengthen your heart health. Every day you need to take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule for doing good to your heart. 

  4. Avoid Smoking/Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption: Smoking or excess of alcohol or tobacco consumption is the worst thing that you can do to your heart. When you smoke or consume tobacco, you are inhaling various chemicals that can injure cells, causing cancer and artery damages. Artery damage invites heart strokes.

  5. Manage Stress: In our Indian society, nobody talks about stress, which is very wrong. Stress is not treated seriously. However, 90% of heart health depends on how you manage stress. Stress is an inevitable part of life, but managing it wisely is doable. You can manage stress by doing small things for yourself- talking to a friend, going for a walk, taking a singing class, meditating or taking out half an hour everyday as your “me” time. A little time for yourself can take you a long way. 

Small steps like these each day can lead to big strides towards a better heart health. Lastly, consuming Apple Cider Vinegar daily can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, leading to a healthy heart. It has a sour taste and a strong smell, which makes it challenging for consuming daily. 

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