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5 Secrets to a Healthy Gut

What is a healthy gut? It is the right balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract, which is vital for physical and mental health and boosting immunity. 


Always an expensive probiotic drink or supplements may not work to improve your gut health. Hence, we have 5 natural secrets to have a healthy gut that enhances your digestion and metabolism, decreases inflammation and chronic diseases. Here you go:


1. Eat the Right Foods

Studies show that people with vegetarian diet have a better gut health than meat eaters. This is because vegetarian diet is rich in fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables, building good bacteria in the body. Beans and legumes also play a great role in maintaining the bacteria for a good gut health.

Foods like dark chocolate, broccoli, almonds, green tea, onion and berries are much recommended for a healthy gut health. 


2. Say no to Sugar and Sweeteners

Eating a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners may cause gut dysbiosis, which is an imbalance of gut microbes. This, in turn can badly influence the brain and body behavior. Moreover, artificial sweeteners cause heart disease. It is advisable to avoid sugar and sweeteners and replace them with natural sweeteners like jaggery and honey for a healthy gut.


3. Focus on Reducing Stress

Managing stress is the most important for many aspects of health, including gut health. Research says that mental stress can disrupt the microorganisms in the intestines, even if the stress is only for a short period. 

Apart from psychological stress, environmental stress like extreme heat, cold or noise and sleep deprivation can disturb the microorganisms in the intestines. 

You can combat stress by meditating, practicing yoga, going for a 45 minutes’ walk daily, sleeping well for 7-8 hours and consuming a healthy diet. 

If you are facing anxiety and depression, try to seek medical help as gut health is closely linked to the condition of your brain.


4. Exercise Regularly & Avoid Smoking

Nothing can beat exercise when it comes to losing weight, keeping up with your heart health, controlling cholesterol and obesity, and maintaining a healthy body weight to strike off the digestive system problems. 

150 minutes of moderate exercise in a week along with muscle strengthening activities shall improve your gut health. 

Avoid smoking as it can largely affect your gut health. Smoking can decrease beneficial microorganisms and increase the potentially harmful ones in your intestine.


5. Consume Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

Apple cider vinegar has been with us from more than thousand years. However, till date, it is sad to know that we don’t really value its benefits. ACV is beneficial in treating coughs, infections, aiding weight loss and acid reflux. It contains natural probiotics that strengthen your immune system and gut health. However, not everyone can have apple cider vinegar daily as it has a sour taste and a strong smell.

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