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Vision Behind Anisue Healthcare

Our Vision behind Anisue’s Healthcare! 

We live in a fast-paced age where if something takes a backseat, that is taking care of one's nutritional needs. Although a balanced diet is the ultimate one-stop solution to meet the body's dietary requirements, a dietary supplement comes to the rescue to achieve the daily dose of nutrition. These nutritional supplements act as whole foods to fill in the gaps that a meal alone cannot fulfil and promote achieving a healthy version of oneself. 

We at Anisue believe that good health is a path towards life success! Thus, we made our mission to make nutrition delicious, readily available, fun and, most importantly, a part of your life! Our responsibility is to present a healthy combination of superfoods with nutritional value and taste, as we understand nutrition shouldn't be a tedious, inconvenient and challenging task.


Our Story

Anisue was founded in 2020 by a young and dynamic entrepreneur Anikesh Bafna. Anikesh, a national level sports player himself, understood the need for a product that satisfies the nutritional demands. Anisue is created as a diverse dietary supplementary brand that offers valuable nutrition at convenience and choice to the consumers. Anisue believes in the concept of intelligent nutrition. We aim to introduce the healthcare market with an innovative and revolutionary product range with exceptional benefits yet available at pocket-friendly prices. We collaborate with the best in class natural ingredients with advanced science and technology to ensure a classic best reaches the audience. The ultimate powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients are here to make a remarkable and positive impact in the life of people who consume it.

Anisue is a part of end-to-end manufacturing and exports and further develops the nutraceutical market in India. Anisue products are manufactured under superior expert supervision and follow the highest international quality. They also meet all the regulatory and FSSAI standards. We are dedicated to keeping the products original by using expert technology to preserve the products without using many preservatives. We support the goodness unaltered and undamaged.


Our Commitment

Anisue is committed to helping you to become a better and healthier version of yourself. Grabbing a quick meal at our nearest joint in the long, busy and hectic schedules can compromise our daily nutritional intake. We come to your rescue here to bridge this nutritional gap. The dietary supplements are crafted with care without sugar or preservatives to enjoy without any hassle or a task. You can indulge in Anisue's supplementary tablets without the worry of piling any extra calories into your diet. The effervescent tablet range comprises of fizzy tablets that can be used to make delicious drinks. The tablets rapidly dissolve in water creating a refreshing and healthy beverage. This avoids the repulsive task of swallowing tablets.


Our Trust

Trust is what matters to us. May it be the trust in our products or the confidence you build in us! It is what matters inside, so we craft our product with utmost care and genuine formulation with clinically proven ingredients that are natural, clean and effective. 

We have confidence in our products because:

- FSSAI approved nutraceutical products 

- Uses natural ingredients 

- Sugar-free products 

- Minimal amount of calories 

- Tested and tried before selling it to consumers 

- Follows total quality management 

- Clear legal documentation


The Anisue Range 

The effervescent tablet range is one of the best fizzy tablets with nutritional value available on the market today. These tablets have various health benefits with notable daily greens providing a daily dose of nutrition, natural immunity booster, prebiotic for a healthy gut, metabolism activators, radiant skin, and holistic Anisue kit one-stop-shop solution for everyday health and wellness.


Our Vision

We aim to establish Anisue as a leading nutrition brand pan-India and a remarkable overseas presence. The ultimate goal is to deliver products under an affordable range without compromising a signature gold standard quality. Consumers should be availed of a portfolio of nutritionally based products with natural choice and convenience. Our constant practice is to match the ethics and vision with partners across the globe. 

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