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What should you do if you think you’re putting on weight?

If you think you are putting those extra kilos, do not panic! Do not go for a strict diet! Do not work out as if your mission is to shed all of that in just one day. Go slow and easy on yourself. After all, your body is not meant for crash diets and exercise. It may give you results, but can be silently harmful to your health. 


The first thing that you should alter is your diet and eating habits. Do mindful eating; means eat in portions. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t like boiled vegetables on your plate? It is completely alright. Instead stop fried foods, processed foods, sweets and foods with extra salt. Also, say a strict ‘no’ to aerated beverages and alcohol. Try and include proteins like beans, chicken, eggs, and fish in your daily diet. They not only help you to feel fuller, but also give you the required nutrients for your body. If you wish to drink something, always opt for fresh fruit juices, digestive drinks or unsweetened beverages and if your sweet tooth is craving, have a piece of dark chocolate, sweets made out of honey, jaggery and dates. 


Moreover, if you are practicing exercise daily for 30 minutes minimum, you are bound to maintain your weight. But, if you are looking for weight loss, than 1 hour should be invested daily for moderate exercises. It is advisable to consult a doctor or a dietician before taking up a new workout routine. 


Small changes in your lifestyle can help you to manage your weight. For instance, joining groups who support healthy lifestyle, avoiding the intake of carbohydrates at night, stopping after 2 drinks at a party, instead of watching series, going for a run, eating dessert with a fork and ensuring that you have at least 4 litres of water every day. 


a. Don’t cheat on weekends. Cheat meals can only break your weight-loss momentum. 


b. Snack on something that is healthy- almonds, grapes or seeds. Always be an afternoon snacker rather than a night snacker. 


c. Ensure that you eat breakfast. People who skip breakfast tend to put on weight as it slows down the metabolism and boosts hunger for the next meal, which may lead to overeating. 


d. The most important lifestyle change is to work on getting adequate sleep. Lack of sleep and excessive sleep, both can lead to weight gain. Every night, 7-9 hours of sound sleep is ideal for balancing your weight. 


e. Stress is another cause of weight gain. People treat food as a stress outlet. They tend to binge on foods, especially those foods that give them the so-called temporary happiness - a piece of sinful chocolate cake or a chocolate bar that is loaded with sugar.


f. If not eating, overthinking in stress leads to sleeplessness. Hence, stress is said to be one of the biggest reason for weight gain. It is recommended to manage stress in a different ways meditation, yoga, exercise, taking a hot shower or talking to a friend.

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