Protein Bar (Mix Berry)
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Protein Bar (Mix Berry)

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Fuel your day with a vegan protein bar! 
Packed with 15g protein, fiber, Omega-3, and electrolytes, this bar is the perfect on-the-go snack. With no added sugar and loaded with BCAAs, it's the guilt-free indulgence you've been looking for.

Active ingredients : Dates (35%), Peanuts (30%), Pea Protein Isolate (18%), Rice Crispy, Anti Caking Agent.

USP : Tasty, Pocket Friendly, Vegan, 15g protein, 5g fiber, 4.1g CARB, 100% Natural, No Added Sugar, Omega-3, Electrolytes and Gluten Free.

Expected benefits : Cabs loaded, Super Heavy, High Protein source, Easy to Digest, Go-to-Snack.

Suggested daily dosage : 1-2 bar per day as per requirements.

Caution : To be consumed in moderation to avoid unwanted weight gain or potential health problems.

Customer Reviews

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Sakshi yadav
Most Affordable protein ever

Most affordable protein bar I ever tried and great taste

Tarun Agarwal
Not Bad, Not Great Either

The Mix Berry Protein Bar is okay, but it didn't blow me away. The berry taste is subtle, and the texture is a little too dense for my liking. It's decent as a quick protein fix, but I'd prefer something with a more pronounced berry flavor.

Rahul Sharma
Best Protein Bar I've Tried So Far!

fter trying numerous protein bars, the Mix Berry Protein Bar stands out as one of the best. The texture is just right - not too chewy, not too dry. The berry flavor is refreshing, and it doesn't have that artificial aftertaste like many others do. I'm deducting one star because it's a bit on the pricey side, but the quality makes it worth it.

Delicious and Filling!

I absolutely love the Mix Berry Protein Bar! The taste is incredible, and the blend of berries gives it a delightful flavor. Not only does it taste great, but it also keeps me full and energized throughout the day. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a healthy and tasty snack.


The Mix Berry protein bars are a solid choice for a quick protein fix. The Mix Berry taste is pleasant, and the crunch adds a nice texture. I enjoy having these on hand for busy days or after light workouts. However, I find them a bit dense, and the taste can get a tad monotonous after a while. A good option but not my absolute favorite.